During this day, we had the opportunity to enjoy all the public museums and monuments for free. This is the top 3 of Erasmus Find a Flat  :

1. La Lonja

In front of the central market, you have probably already seen La Lonja de los Mercadores, also called La Llotja de la seda, which is one of the most emblematic edifice of Valencia. Yes, this is the “little castle”. When it was builded, during the fifteenth century, it represented the economic superpower of the city. This trading stock is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, that is why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

You should enter in this beautiful place which is composed of 4 parts: Salón Columnario, an amazing room with huge columns, which was the financial centre of La Lonja. This our favorite room of the building. You can find also the first spanish marine merchant tribunal : Sala del Consulado del Mar. There is also a Tower, which included a chapel and a prison for traders who could not pay, but we couldn’t enter in and we find it too bad. To console you, you can take a breather in the wonderful garden of oranges.

If you want to visit it in another perception, take a look at the statues outside of the building. Have fun with your friends trying to find them and to understand their symbol.

 Carrer de la Llojta 2, 46001, Valencia

 96 208 41 53


 From monday to saturday : 10 am to 7 pm. On sunday : 10am to 2 pm

 2€ during the week and free on sunday

2. Torres de Valencia

Another important monuments in Valencia that you must not miss is obviously the “Torres de Valencia”.

In the old days, Valencia had a medieval wall to protect the city centre. It was surrounded by 4 main entrances which were the “Torres de Serranos”, the “Torres de Quart”, the Puertas de San Vicente” and the “Puerta del Mar”. We particularly appreciate the Torres de Serranos for it greatness and the beautiful view at the top of the towers. As la Lonja de los Mercaderes, the towers were builded at the end of the fifteenth century in a Gothic style. The Torres de Serranos were the main access to the city and you had to pay at each entrance and exit. The Torres de Quart served different purposes: gunpowder trade, prison and defense of Valencia. Nowadays, Torres de Serranos is particularly emblematic cause it marks the beginning of the festivities Las Fallas.




Torres de Serranos Plaça del furs, 46003, Valencia

 96 391 90 70


 From monday to saturday : 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday : 10am to 2 pm



If you’re an art lover, you should discover the IVAM, which is a modern and contemporary art museum inaugurated in 1989. It present a permanent exhibition and also around twenty temporary exhibitions each year in an original architecture. The permanent exhibition presents 11,322 works in various disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video … Currently, you can find the amazing exhibition “order and disorder” of Joan Miró until June 17, and the modern sculptures of Julio Conzález’s constellations until the end of the year. You can also participate to activities like the collaborative workshop “down the affected level” until June 19. IVAM has also a library specialises in modern art. The Collection contains about 47.000 documents and this is a free access service.  After your visit,you can walk around the El carmen district and climb the famous “Torres de Serranos”.



IVAM, Calle Guillem de Castro, 118

34 963 176 600


From Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 7 pm