Today we have decided to take part in #erasmusdays, by sharing to our experience as Erasmus students, because this program changed our lives !!!
Indeed, following our exchanges #Erasmus we made a big decision and we became entrepreneurs #erasmusfindaflat !!!
Let us tell you our story:
We are two friends (and yes we were doing horse riding together in the equestrian center @ lesgrillesofficiel) and we were pursuing a fairly standard university course. One of us was enrolled in a business school at the @ESCE_bs then a master at @BurgundySB while the other was studying Biology at @u_psud, followed by a masters at @inseecmba but what has changed everything is that we both got a chance to participate in the #ErasmusplusFR program. @julielavollee went to #ErasmusBarcelona in 2008 while @dupuis_morgane, I left for ErasmusValencia in 2011-2012.
Each one of us had an incredible experience. It was a real cultural discovery with the #culturaespanola, a new way of life, learning a new language. We also had the chance to share a lot with our friends and roommates from all # European Union: #France, #Spain, #Italy, #Germany, #UK, #Netherlands, #Belgium, #Poland, #Finland, #Sweden, #Czech Republic, #Greece, … With them we have # visited # Spain (@valenciaturismo, @visitBCN_FR, @granadaturismo, @sevillaciudad, @CordobaESP, @TurismoSalamanca, #CadizTurismo, @Alicante_City, …) exchanged on various subjects, shared our values and customs, learned to prepare specialty dishes, laughed, cried, visited, celebrated, in short #Erasmuslife #amispourlavie.
All this was wonderful but we had to face a #major problem on arrival: the #LOGEMENT !!!
That’s one recurring problem in the life of a student but that takes a whole other dimension when you are abroad #! In Spain, everyone had advised the #colocation. Easier said than done …
First difficulty, but not least, the LANGUAGE! Yes, when you want to contact a landlord or an agency, you should be able to communicate with them. I tried to respond to classified ads found on the street or on specialized sites by phone. Very good initiative on my part, but how to say, I understood the time of rendezvous, but I never understood the address!!!! Back to square one, it’s complicated !!! #For the non-Spanish speakers who speak English or French searching lodgement online, it reduces quite a lot offers but at least we can start making #visites! #ouf
You will find a lot of varieties when you go out on apartment hunting … I came across one of them that had the #oldschool ambiance apartment of my grandmother. Ok we are students and mostly we do not roll on gold but it was not at all what I had imagined as basic level of interiors with my standards of small # French student !!! Because NOT all my clothes could fit in an unfortunate shelf of a square meter, NO I didn’t want to sleep on a bed that could collapse anytime looking at its old worn out condition, YES I need an office/study room to study (it seems logical to me). It shouldn’t be this way that if I am a student I am obliged to live in a shabby place.
In short I stopped looking for the pearl that’s almost rare to find here.
The second problem is the DURATION of stay. And yes an exchange @EErasmusplus is often for a few months and that does not please the owner (which can be understood) that they obviously prefer the people who stay longer. In the case of student roommates at the end of the curriculum, you must take the room of a Spanish Erasmus who has left for the same period or find an agency / platform (@beroomers, @HousingAnywhere, @Uniplace, …) which proposes rooms for short periods with secure payments.
Third and last major problem: LEGALITY and SCAM. Yes, yes, as foreign students we are more prone (if we may say so) to be scammed or fall on an unscrupulous landlord. A contract, not need … The rent payment I did not tell you but it’s cash (convenient when you have a CB with ceilings). Receiving friends during your stay and well it is XX € per day extra (of course it is justified by the increase in water and electricity consumption you suspect).
These are the reasons why we created our little #startup #binational #francoespagnol who has just celebrated its 1 year.
Because we wanted to create the solution to the major problem of a stay @Erasmusplusjeun. A room with international roommates, with # decomodern that is well equipped (because yes everything that we buy on site we can not bring it back in his suitcase) with a #multilingual interlocutor but especially a referent on the spot #
(Medical, administrative, loss of papers or credit card, need a little job, student advice on the city, cultural activities, we do our best to help you).
At the moment we have only 27 rooms in Valencia.
We have more demands which is increasing everyday and we would like to expand.
For the moment we are only present in Valencia in Spain!
Because an Erasmus experience should only be good memories!
Help us to help: Make us talk, and if you hear about a European grant, make us sign!
which is an incredible opportunity to participate because it changes life.
it gives a new open-mindedness, it is super valued on a CV and in the professional world, you are a young student then go for it!
Thanks to the European Union for having created this #Erasmusplus program, to allow young people to open up internationally, to enrich themselves through a stay in another European country to enable them to create themselves other opportunities!