If you are studying in France, chances are that you will visit and live in a new European city for around six months. To find out how life is here, learn a language if possible and realize that, wherever you go, people are cool and fun to party. But be careful before choosing your destination, the best ones are not necessarily the best known.

1. Valencia (Spain)

Hola, this is the city of my life. There is sun all year round, an enormous garden flowing in the city like the river bed that it was before (poem). And in the palm trees, there are green parrots. And there is the beach and its bohemian area the cabanyal which is too nice. And the old center is beautiful. And you can reach both by bike effortlessly.

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2. Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisboa is a small town full of charm as we say, the San Francisco of Europe as it is also called, thanks to its hills and trams and its bohemian side, version cheap life. And then there are plenty of landscapes to discover in its surroundings. Just put yourself in Portuguese lifestyle.

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3. Andalusia (Spain)

We speak in particular of Granada and Seville, but it is as you want, the whole area is fantastic. The architecture is beautiful, whether Moorish or Spanish, the weather is good. And especially Andalusia is very cheap and the Andalusians are generous; you order a half you reap a plate of tapas as a bonus. And the cities are small, which gives you the advantage of knowing them very quickly and being neighbor with all your friends.

La Giralda desde las Setas de #Sevilla. / View of Giralda, from Metropol Parasol ("Las Setas") in #Seville.

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4. Bologna (Italy)

It is not only the city of bolos and tortellinis, although it is a very good point. Already there is the oldest university in Europe, to say that it is a real student city. In addition it is pretty (good, like all the cities of this top, certainly). And it is also a very good starting point to discover the most beautiful cities of Italy. And then it’s cool to speak Italian.

5. Vilnius (Lithuania)

So we do not immediately think of it, like that, the small countries of the East. But you are wrong and a thousand times wrong. Already, because it is really exotic, more than Barcelona. Then because the cost of living is cheaper, which is not at all negligible when you are a student, you want to travel and party. And that cities are smaller and therefore more human and welcoming.

6. Warsaw (Poland)

Yes, Poland in general is a nice destination for the Erasmus. Already (stop with clichés) it is not colder than in Germany. Then this country is not saturated with tourists like in the West, people are therefore happy that you choose to live with them and welcome you very well. Then it is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and each neighborhood is completely different from the others, making it an exciting city.

7. Berlin (Germany)

Berlin may be a capital, it is not too expensive, which is roughly cool when you think about it. On the other hand, it is very large, which means a multitude of neighborhoods and atmospheres, and you will need a bunch of time to know it at your fingertips. But we trust you.

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8. Madrid (Spain)

Another capital, less expensive and less stressful than our beloved Paris, where everything can be done on foot and where there is always something to do. A not inconsiderable advantage of the Spanish cities is that the colocation between unknown is very common, and the Spaniards are very comfortable with that and very welcoming. Try to find a roommate without French, you are there to learn a language anyway.

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9. Porto (Portugal)

A historic center classified to the Unesco want you, here it is. Same for many small villages around. And this city is not only super nice, it is also the second biggest in Portugal, and it is also right next to the sea. You can even surf there, if you want.

10. Prague (Czech Republic)

No need to remember that there beer is less expensive than water, you know you know. Instead, we concentrate on its historic center, just as beautiful as the one in Porto, which is also a world heritage site, with small houses that give us the impression of being in Disney.


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