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Erasmus find a Flat - I love Startups

You are students, you enroll for Erasmus program and you will spend the summer partying rather than taking care of your home. That’s why this startup was created.

Erasmus find a flat, the French-Spanish Apartment

“Traveling gives youth a new experience … going away from home may seem exciting or scary depending on the people, but one thing is certain: this experience will change your life and will be very rewarding.” This brilliant destiny is worth the idea of ​​2 young people from the Erasmus program. “

An Icaunaise start-up helps Erasmus students to find accommodation abroad

“A good place to start the business in the face of real estate prices.” In the long term, the concept could extend to other cities and countries in Europe.The market looks promising, if we consider the 270 000 young people who go abroad to study abroad each year, as part of the Erasmus program. “

The adventure of a bi-national start-up

“Two young women who met in Mézilles, Julie Abrate, 27, and Morgane Dupuis, 26, have decided to start their business to support students participating in the European exchange program.”

Interview France 3 Bourgogne - Erasmus Find a Flat