Payment procedure for booking and rent

How can I pay?

When you book, we will ask you to pay for the first month’s rent, agency fees (one month’s rent) and a deposit we will give you back when you leave (after an outgoing inventory of fixtures with you) within 7 days before you leave. The first settlement will be due upon registration and with a credit card. The funds are blocked until we validate the booking and we receive them when the file is accepted or returned to you if the file is rejected.

When is the booking effective?

We commit to accepting or rejecting your booking within 48 hours after receiving the complete file.

How is rent then collected?

Rent must be paid via monthly direct debit throughout your stay. As soon as your file is accepted, we will send you our bank details and ask for proof that you have order the monthly transfer. Rent will have to be paid on the 5th of each month.