A submarine trip in the largest aquarium of Europe!


The Oceanographic of the city of sciences and arts is the largest aquarium in Europe, and hosts the main sea’s ecosystems of the planet. Each building has its own identity with different aquatic environments: Mediterranean, wetlands, temperate and tropical seas, oceans, Antarctica, Arctic, islands and Red Sea and even a delphinarium!

You have to plan a whole day to enjoy the aquarium. If you want  to eat or take a break, you have choice between cafétérias and restaurants, the most spectacular is the underwater restaurant!

Underwater Restaurants

What’s better than eating between fish and aquatic species totally immersed in the heart of the Oceanografic? The restaurant is located in the middle of the complex and it is the most emblematic building of the oceanografic. There is a large aquarium underground.

The Dolphin Show 

You can’t go the oceanografic without going to see the Dolphin show! There shows are at different times every day, check the timetable when you arrive or look at the program.  Everyone always loves the the dolphin show!! This impressive show lasts 25 minutes!


4D Cinema

Live a full immersion, and try the 4D experience! It’s the largest 4D cinema in Spain. This experience makes you feel different sensations like wind, light changes, aromas, snow, and vibrations on the seats increase the sensation of immersion in the film.

The little “Plus”

 every summer, from mid-July to 31 August, the aquarium is nocturnal and keeps its doors open from 10.00AM to midnight with “Las Noches del oceanografic“, a swimming water show Synchronized with the dolphins. The show starts at 22.45 and lasts 35 minutes. It is a magical nautical show that a group of synchronized swimming swimmers and dolphins in the aquarium. Every year, the show has a new theme. Everything is here to spend a magical night: the sounds’ effect, lights and audio-visual, music, air jumps, acrobatics and other pirouettes of dolphins, in perfect coordination with the swimmers. The whole thing is projected on giant screens.

   Everydays – 10H AM at 00H00


     Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències, Carrer Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia

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    A submarine trip in the largest aquarium of Europe!