The adventure of the binational start-up

Meeting with Morgane Dupuis and Julie Abrate, two young women ready to embark on the adventure of business creation between France and Spain. Since 1987, the Erasmus European Exchange Program has enabled thousands of students to discover a new country. Among them, Julie Abrate and Morgane Dupuis, two friends who met in Puisaye, at the Grilles farm in Saint-Fargeau, thanks to their passion for riding. One went to Barcelona in 2008, the other discovered Valencia in 2012. If they keep good memories of their Spanish experience, they would have spent some inconvenience.

All inclusive

“Difficulties of finding the apartment at a distance, language barrier, state of housing, purchases of furniture that can not be brought home, scams … Not to mention the questionnaire at the Spanish hostel when we apply for a collocation … We discussed it and we thought there might be something to do, “say the two young women. Faced with this lack, based on what they would have liked (home, advice, housing adequate to student life …), Julie Abrate and Morgane Dupuis decided to found, together, their company Erasmus Find a flat! (in French « Trouve un appart’»).

Thanks to their training in business school, they set up an all-inclusive formula that they wish to present to students who, during the European exchange program, will go to Valencia. “We are leaving in three weeks in Spain to find apartments. The company rents them, the team (furniture to the wifi) and offers them in addition to services, such as a survival guide with good plans or a concierge “, specify the partners, whose objective is twofold. “We want to reassure parents by establishing a contract where everything is written, black and white, and accompany students on site. “

Rode and develop
A project far from the world of wine, yet at the heart of their university curriculum. Not enough to destabilize the duo. “We did not find any problem to solve, unlike the area that interests us with Erasmus Find a flat! “Says Morgane Dupuis. “And then, we needed this thing that makes us want to get up in the morning, as is the undertaking,” adds Julie Abrate. Next step: launch the activity in September. But it will not be the only one. “We want to run in Valencia, then develop, in Spanish secondary cities, or elsewhere in Europe. With the idea, in addition to finding investors, to create jobs.

Publié par : L’Yonne Républicaine

May 4th 2016