I’m here for almost 4 months now and I really do not want to leave. I really enjoy Valencia, the city is amazing and the people are very very nice and always willing to help you! Also the flat I rent via Erasmusfindaflat is amazing! Morgan and Julie are really friendly and always ready to help you. I have nothing to complain at all and really recommend studying in Valencia!

Feykje, 23 years - Dutch

She tells her experience  

Hi Feykje, tell us more about you.

My name is Feykje, I’m Dutch. I’m studying communication in license 3, and this 2nd semester I needed to do a 4 months internship in the same field. I was looking for an internship in marketing and communication and I found in Valencia, so here I am. This experience helped me to improve my Spanish. I was looking for a dynamic city where I could have fun and enjoy. I wanted to discover a new country and Spain has been an opportunity.

Why did you want to do an erasmus exchange?

I haven’t really done the Erasmus program but I went here to improve my Spanish, I would like to do a master and that’s why I did an internship. I still have 2 more weeks because I finished my internship and I would like to enjoy the city, English friends are coming to join me.

To go abroad is not always easy, what do you remember about your flat hunting?

I was a little bit late to find a flat, I did it at the last minute. I noticed a lot for apartments but I was afraid of swindles. I wanted to find a shared apartment with other students, I didn’t want to stay alone.

How have you known Erasmus Find A Flat ?

I was looking for flats on the web, i wrote “find student apartment in Valencia”, I felt on the website of Erasmus Find A Flat and I contacted them.

What were your requirements?

My first requirement was a rent not too high. Because I’m a student and i don’t have a big budget for an accommodation. My room was not that big but i love to live outside and enjoy the city. Second requirement: to be with nice flatmates!

How long did you stay on Valencia and where were you accommodated?

2 years ago, I came one month in Valencia, but I was near benimaclet. I am in the apartment Castellon, in the room Tomato Tomate.  It was different from now, because I came 4 months here and I live in the centre of Valencia, it’s very dynamic, and there’s a lot to do there if you want to go out or go shopping (laugh)

That brought you the colocation and of which nationalities was your collocs ?

I am living with 3 french boys and 1 german girl. Cohabitation was easy, this permits me to discover new cultures, to compare with mine and to have a “group” of friends in Valencia. It’s funny to see the differences of culture between us.

Do you have a good memory to share? A little story?

I have several, but I can’t say one like that. But, with the facebook group of our colocation, we can all keep in touch, and keep good memories.

Can you fill this sentence: “We can’t leave Valencia without …”

Keeping good memories, having fun and enjoying. And tasting the spanish smoked ham (laugh). It’s a local product here and you definitely have to taste!

How about the benefits of living here ?

I met new people, learn a lot about spanish culture, spanish habits and especially improve my spanish. I did not live alone, and it was a good experience to be with other students from different nationalities.

Some advises for the future erasmus students?

I haven’t studied here, I was there for an internship, but people here are really friendly, even if I’m different because I’m blonde and it’s not exactly the standard here, I was scared but I was very Everything in this town. I feel good, that’s why I’ve decided to stay another 2 weeks after my internship to enjoy a little bit more. Go to Valencia, it’s a good experience to improve your Spanish and people are really nice.



Yes! The Restaurant, El Olivo, because there is a great terrace around a big tree in front of the restaurant. The surroundings is very nice and the tapas are excellent, it’s nice, even if it’s always full (laugh)!!


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