I like startups – Erasmus Find a Flat


You are students, you join Erasmus Masters Program and of course you will spend the summer to party rather than taking care of your home. That’s why this startup was created

What do you suggest ?
Our company offers Erasmus students the possibility to book a room in a renovated, modern and well-equipped accommodation.


How did you get the idea?

During our studies, we both had the opportunity attend the Erasmus Program in Spain (Valencia and Barcelona). On our return we were unanimous, this experience was extremely rewarding for us at all levels, the only problem we encountered was: HOUSING! This was the major one.

What convinced you to get started and create this project?

It is difficult for a student out of his country to find modern, well-equipped and rented accommodation in a legal framework. Following our experiences we decided to help future Erasmus students, first in Valencia, to find an ideal accommodation for stays of one or two semesters of international students.

How long it’s been since have you started this project?

It is in pairs that they worked on their project for 2 years, that’s how they will work in Valencia during the students’ special moments. For the two young women, their heart and their ties remain in Puisaye. They do not give up the Country of Colette and it is in turn, every month, that Julie and Morgane will manage “Erasmus find a flat”, one in Valencia and the other in the Yonne. We first set up our business plan for 2 years. Before we really embark on this great adventure of business creation. After having carefully studied all the possibilities, took into account the market and our competitors we set up our company!

What technologies do you use?

To work we use a lot of collaborative tools (Drive). On our computers, our laptops … We are contactable 24 hours and always available to meet the needs of our customers!

What are your needs ?

Our needs are in finance and communication. But we also seek needs in resources; accommodations to best meet the expectations of students.

What are the plans for the company (resale, Ipo, nothing at all)?

Our plans for the future are initially the development of our business, we would like to see our structure grow. And why not one day, sell it to embark on new projects!


What do you offer to your customers? (Why do your customers need your product / service?)

Our priority is to guide students, to advise them, and to help them in order to make life easier on the spot. We currently have 7 apartments in Valencia. We aim to expand our offerings in several cities; Granada, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Salamanca.

What is your prime target?

Our target audience are Erasmus students, but also international students in general.

How will you make yourself well-known to the customers? How will you be a top-liner in the industry?

We have set up our business & services on our website, social networks and we rely heavily on word of mouth. Students tell their stories and they want to be positive!

What is the business model? How do you make money?

We take a commission on the purchase price. We are also counting on donations/grants for now, still need a little help before we can increase our business. So we launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Who are your main competitors? (Yes, there is always a competitor)

Our competitors are mainly housing agencies in Valencia, but also in Spain, it is difficult to find a place in the real estate market.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

We are available for our clients 24 hours, even at night and on the weekends if required! But, we are not only the “real estate agency” we want to create a group correlation between students, make their Erasmus program a superb experience! We respond best to the expectations of students.

What are your advantages over your competitors (you have the right to a wild card for this question)

But undoubtedly, our strength being our experience in business school (In France), our respective experiences of Erasmus. And one of our greatest strengths remains: our complementarity. We are a duo of energy!

Where do you see the company in a year?

We aim to expand our services & offerings in new cities in Spain. (Granada, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Salamanca …) We’ve been working together on this project for 2 years to find the best way to make the stay of the student a memorable one.