An Icaunaise start-up helps Erasmus students to find accommodation abroad



Two young poyaudines created their start-up to help students find accommodation abroad. On their site “Erasmus Find a Flat”, they will propose this summer forty places of accommodation in Valencia in Spain. A concept they hope to extend to other European cities.

Find from France private accommodation abroad, fully equipped, with internet and cleaning included … it will soon be possible in one click! This is the idea that Julie Abrate and Morgane Dupuis have been developing for two years. Next June, they will launch their website  “Erasmus Find a Flat” , which will offer rooms in shared apartments in Valencia, Spain. For a rent varying around 400 euros, students can come to leave their suitcases without taking care of the rest. The apartments will be already furnished, the internet installed and the linen provided. The two girls, aged 26 and 28, drew on their own experiences to start their business.

« We wondered what we could do to help all the Erasmus students who were going to leave as we had done. We thought about what we had missed: nice furnished apartments, real rental contracts. A reassuring setting , “explains Julie.

 ”  I had visited lots of apartments. Mostly, I did not want to live there. The interior was just a disaster. I felt like I lived in an apartment that belonged to my grandmother. I cannot explain you about the lighting sysytem and the old furniture, “says Morgane.

The two friends who knew each since childhood in Mézilles went to Spain during the mid of their business school and remember the hard-time in finding houses.

Through their start-up, Julie and Morgane will rent apartments that they will renovate and equip entirely. They will then offer them for subletting on the “Erasmus Find a Flat” website. A project developed by force of determination. ”  The support structures of companies are not at all adapted, if you are straddling two countries. We had to fend for ourselves,  “Julie regrets. The two Poyaudines still need a little help before starting for good and have launched a crowdfunding  campaign . 

If everything works, forty places of accommodation will be proposed as soon as next school year in Valencia, Spain. A good place to start the business in view of real estate prices. In the long term, the concept can be extended to other cities and countries in Europe. The market looks promising, considering the 270,000 young people who study abroad each year under the Erasmus program.

Publié par : France bleu Bourgogne 

Le 9 mai 2016