Valencia celebrates one of its most important holidays on October 9, which marks the capture of part of the city when Jaime I and his Christian troops conquered Valencia way back in 1238. The day is observed in the entire autonomous community of Valencia, but it is celebrated with special sentiment in the capital city of Valencia. The tradition of hosting the Valencian flag has been observed since 1368. A procession immediately follows that goes from city hall to the cathedral, where a religious hymn entitled “Te Deum” is sung. Afterward, the parade heads to Parterre (likely Valencia’s most famous park) where a floral offering is made to the statue of a legendary king.

It’s also a day for a number of other activities including cultural events, performances and fireworks.

The celebration also coincides with the day Valencia’s patron saint of couples in love. Couples often give each other figures made of marzipan called “mocadoràs”. These sweets come in the shape of Valencian fruits and vegetables and they display impressive realism and detail; it’s a shame you have to eat them!

So if you’re in the city of Valencia, don’t miss this popular fiesta: you’ll experience history, fun activities… and delicious treats! Take a note of the following schedule to not miss the vibe of the day:

8th October Mid-night

24.00 h XVIII Pirotecnia Festival Valencia, at the end of the Turia, between the ponts TExposició i de les Flors, at the Pirotecnia Valenciana (Llanera de Ranes) Dilluns

9th of October

11.30 am to the corporació, autoritats i invitats

11.45 h Reading of the decret d’Alcaldia and delivery of the Senyera to l’Arxiu Municipal.

12.00 h Civic process and floral order to Jaume I, per l’itinerari següent: Tuntament, carrer de Sant Vicent, plate of the Queen rer de la Pau fins to the plate of Alfons the Magnanim. Ofrena of crowns of flower davant of the statue of the king Jaume I to the Parterre. Finished l’ofrena, it is a crime to sue the carrer of the Painter Sorolla, carrer de les Barques and plaque of l’Ajuntament In finishing the civil process, mascleta terrestre of the pyrotechnics Caballer FX (Vilamarxant).                       

17.00 b XIV Entrance of Moors and Cristians Ciutat. of Valencia, per l’itinerari segaent eta, carrer de la Pau, carrer de Sant Vicent, board of l’Ajuntament i carrer del Marqués de Sote


Also you can join this event where everyone will be gathered together to witness and enjoy the live fireworks. Have a look at tis facebook event:

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