Erasmus Find a Flat

Share flats for Erasmus students in Spain



We know how hard it can be to find a flat when you’re not in the country. There is often a huge gap between what you find on the Internet and what you find in reality.

That’s why we had the idea of creating a structure helping students finding, remotely, flats that are modern, well-equipped and
ideally located.


More than a mere agency, Erasmus Find a flat offers a comprehensive welcoming package.

We offer fully-furnished flats where you will simply have to lay down your hat ! From household linens to the Internet or weekly cleaning services, you won’t have to do anything, we’ll do it for you !


The security of having a roof over your head
When you arrive

An all-inclusive, ideally located apartment
Close to the town’s universities and schools


All-inclusive services
To simplify your life

  •  Room rental
  •  Rental costs (Water + Electricity + Gas)
  •  Internet
  •   Household linen
  •  Cleaning of common areas * 1x/week

A unique, serious intermediary
Throughout your stay

A multilingual welcome
French, English and Spanish


A survival kit
With everything you need to know about the town and with tips..

  •  Map of the town
  •  Transportation
  •  Where to get a drink, to go out
  •  Class-related red tape, and so on

The possibility of booking your room
Directly on our website

Rental contracts
Bi-yearly or yearly


International roommates
Multicultural apartments shared only by students

Feedback : The international museum day in Valencia

The top 3 of international museum day in Valencia

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Enjoy good music with Berklee concerts !

Berklee concerts

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The Fallas festival is starting soon!

The festivities start the last sunday of this month, the 25th of February! The Crida is the official beginning of the Fallas. It takes place as always in the Torres de Serrano. During this celebration, the mayor of the city hands the keys of the city over to the...
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12 weird and wonderful Christmas traditions celebrated across Spain

From Catalonia's 'crapping log' to the Basque Country's very own version of Santa Claus, The Local guides you through the weird and wonderful world of Spanish Christmas. Nativity Scenes   Spaniards love their nativity scenes and many municipalities display a...
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Graffiti in Valencia; urban street artwork

Valencia's old town is awash with graffiti and it's hard to walk down its winding alleys without encountering at least some form of captivating street art. The renaissance of street art in Valencia can be largely accredited to the artists Escif and Hyuro, both living...
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Culture of Valencia

The culture of Valencia, Spain, is incredibly rich. Not many cities manage to combine the modern and historic quite so well; Valencia’s winding medieval streets are adorned with colourful graffiti murals and packed with avant-garde cafes,...
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Black Friday València 2017: all offers

From clothes to flights, Black Friday will be full of discounts that you should not miss In the United States, it is traditionally the starting of the Christmas shopping campaign. In Spain, for a few years, too. The Black Friday will...
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